It All Looks Good with the Right Perspective


This is a picture of our home from the air. I absolutely love this pic because it is my home, my favorite place to be. In the pic you can’t see the weeds in the yard, the fence posts that need replaced, the walls that need to be painted, or the small holes in the garage roof.  You can’t see the carpet that needs to be replaced, the toilet that has a small crack in it, or the washer with a very tired drive motor.

The last week has been a very busy blur. We are sitting two dogs for friends who went out of town, and we have had two different house guests since Sunday evening. I have put in a full work week with a day left to go, and to sum things up I would have to say I am tired. Very tired.

Tomorrow we are planning an afternoon/evening out for just the four of us, and I would be understating things if I said that this will be a welcome respite from our busy routine.  We have the expected shopping to do, but are also planning a bit of fun.

Over the last couple of months, my stress level has been very high at work. I am covering another position as well as trying to do my job, and that has proven to be extremely problematic with several large projects, some mandatory training, and several other annual tasks that all seem to have decided to attack at once.  The end result is that I was really having some trouble sleeping.

About two weeks ago, I was made very aware of how rough things had gotten, and it was at the same time that I had arrived at Paul’s description of the armor of God in my Bible study time. Reading through those verses and really looking at those verses has helped me get my head straight again.

Part of what I learned through those verses was the importance of my prrspective. I was so focused on the problems and the work in front of me that I couldn’t even begin to see what I was accomplishing.  By pulling my eyes from the mountain of things that were needing to be done, I was able to see a different story.

I have been getting things done, but I have also been allowing a lot of stuff to be put on my plate without finishing the stuff that was already there. It’s not that I don’t finish things, but when you keep adding without finishing, you are forced to split your time across too many things and you feel stalled.

So, I made a decision this week to not take on any project that I could not complete in 10 minutes, and no more than 4 of those in a day. That would allow me to pick away at the unfinished tasks and give me the time that is needed to attack a couple of large projects that I have been wanting to tackle.

It took stepping back and looking at my position to see things better.  Once I did that, solutions started to flow, and accomplishments started taking place.

This summer we have some work to do on our house. It can be a bit daunting when we walk through it and look at the many things we would like to do, but when I see that aerial photo I am hit with an appreciation of what I have, and thankfulness to God for all the wonderful memories we create under that roof.

I struggle with that perspective, but Relentless Growth means I can never give up on doing the things that are necessary to identify where my focus has shifted to myself rather than what God has to teach me about Himself.  I’m glad He never gives up on me, and through His Word, He shows me that much needed truth.